ArtProject + Metaversal

When Communities and Supporters Meet is pleased to collaborate with Metaversal to bridge communities and continue pushing the expansion of the Metaverse in a collective fashion. From a creator-first approach, Metaversal invests in the companies, creators, designers, and coders building the open Metaverse, empowering creators to tell their stories. Learn more about their incredible ethos here.

Creators are at the center of the space, you are the building blocks and the true voice of the Metaverse! This is why we have created a survey to make sure this collaboration reaches you and your needs in its best possible way. You are the force that shapes this movement and we want to cultivate that.

Join our journey, we’d love to hear from you HERE!

In addition, Jessica Angel will be moderating Metaversal’s Telegram channel. Join us on our mission through the Metaverse!




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Jessica Angel

Jessica Angel

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