What is the MakerSpace?

The MakerSpace is an ArtProject.io initiative born at ETHDenver 2018 in response to a collective interest in experimenting with art and technology and enable the creation and exploration of art through the lens of blockchain.

Virtual MakerSpace and ETHDenver; Adopting a New Online, and Interactive Format

This year the event is going virtual through a VR platform called Gamerjibe, the…

Deadline January 24th 11:59 PM 2021

For digital Crypto Art Exhibit Presented with AR-Technologies at the Virtual MakerSpace at ETHDenver 2021 Feb 5–12 2021

As part of ETHDenver 2021 ArtProject.io in collaboration with Spheroid Universe are inviting contemporary artists experimenting with blockchain technologies to submit their 3D-artworks to be included in the curatorial project AR/ART MONITOR MAGAZINE.

The Exhibition:

Artworks selected by #ArtProject and project curator Jessica Angel will be exhibited globally at the ETHDenver 2021 Virtual MakerSpace. Your artwork will be featured in both the AR ART MONITOR MAGAZINE in 2D form and as a AR-projection in the space in front of the publication. …


Open call for crypto-art to be projected onto the Daniels and Fisher Tower in the context of ETHDenver 2020.

Deadline for Art Submissions: January 25 2020

As part of the Denver Theatre District’s Night Lights Denver Program, artists from the #ArtProject Decentralized community, and the general blockchain space, are invited to submit their video art, and images in motion to be projected onto the clock tower in downtown Denver…


Open Call for artists and programmers to apply for the ETHDenver 2020 MakerSpace Hardware Art Bounty.

Bounty Deadline: January 15, 2020

We are excited to announce that ETHDenver will be sponsoring an Art Bounty at the MakerSpace 2020. Directed by visual artist Jessica Angel and the #ArtProject Decentralized community, the MakerSpace team will foster creative ways of hacking by supporting projects and people who want to…

Round-table Discussions at the Ethereal Summit in NYC 2019

Design by BKDF | Brooklyn Design Factory

Autonomous computer generators have been in the imagination of different people in the blockchain ecosystem such as Trent McConaghy and Simon de la Rouviere. Check out this edited transcript of an interview with them. They explore AI art in convergence with DAOs, a powerful combination that Truebit is capable of…

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